Seynabou Ba

Founder and CEO
ESG Africa Ltd

Seynabou Ba is the founder and CEO of ESG Africa Ltd.; a senior advisor with 23 years experience on sustainability and ESG risk management to several international firms, board member and non-executive Director. She worked across several countries in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and North America.


Seynabou was the ESG Manager for IFC Sub-Saharan Africa region from 2014 to 2018; she led the Organization’s efforts to promote sustainable private sector investments while overseeing the Africa portfolio. During her 13 years tenure in IFC, Seynabou also held positions as Quality Assurance Head; and Senior Environmental and Social Specialist with extensive experience undertaking E&S due diligence in all sectors (energy, agribusiness, manufacturing, oil gas and mining, transport, telecom, and services). Seynabou has a background in the environmental insurance industry where she spent over eight years providing risk management services.


Seynabou is fluent in French, English and Wolof; has a Master’s in Environmental Science and Policy from the John Hopkins University; and an Executive MBA from London Business School.