How will I access the event?  

A few days before the event is due to begin, you will be sent login details with your instructions on how to access the event.

What time does the event start? 

The event starts at 10am SAST on 27 October 2021.

What if I need an invoice for my employer to recover the costs? 

We will email you a receipt for the event so that you can claim the cost back. 

Can I pay on invoice? 

Payment on invoice is available for group bookings over £500. 

What if I cannot watch all the sessions live? 

Do not worry, all the sessions are recorded and can be watched on-demand at your leisure.  

What about CPD/CPE points? 

You will receive a certificate of attendance at the end of October 2021. Our smart analytics will be able to track where you have been and what you have watched/read so we can give you an accurate CPD report.

Can I see who else is attending? 

Yes, you can, and we actively encourage you to seek out like-minded colleagues. There are several community chat rooms where you can network virtually. 

Can I watch on any device? 

The event is best accessed from a Desktop computer via Chrome.

Can I cancel my tickets? 

Please refer to our terms and conditions.