Aidan Larkin

Asset Reality

Aidan Larkin leads Asset Reality in its aim to create a global asset management network that maximises the income generated from the sale of criminal's seized assets for all countries to compensate victims, fund law enforcement and increase funding for civil society. Providing impartial, industry-leading asset management training and consultancy services helps public sector bodies, all across the globe, achieve their goals.

Prior to founding Asset Reality, Aidan was the Asset Recovery Director for the Wilsons Auctions Group. His role involved managing a diverse portfolio of law enforcement & government asset realisation contracts, including insolvency appointments. This included advising, managing and realising assets worldwide, including crypto assets.  During his time there he presided over the worlds first seized bitcoin auction.

He remains a visiting lecturer for a number of overseas academies and universities and is a highly sought after guest speaker at events specialising in international asset recovery, best practice asset management and storage & sale of crypto currencies.

A former Criminal Investigator for HM Revenue & Customs, Aidan has over 10 years financial investigation experience including tracing and realising assets seized under proceeds of crime and insolvency legislation. During this time he qualified as a tax inspector, obtained a ‘Certificate of Proficiency’ in insolvency and received a Directors Award for “Outstanding Achievement in Criminal Investigation” for his role in a complex and high profile investigation.

An experienced speaker and lecturer with a passion for all practical areas of asset recovery, Aidan advises domestic and overseas agencies on all aspects of effective asset management ranging from operational & pre-seizure planning considerations through to post enforcement issues.